Pro Writing Aid – Proofreader and Plagiarism Checker [Review]

Pro Writing Aid review
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Are you in the pursuit of Nirvana “A plagiarism checker software”? Maybe you are looking for a cheaper substitute to a costly software like Turnitin.

In another columnI have spoken of the best free plagiarism checkers for educators. Let’s talk about one of the finest of them. Continue reading “Pro Writing Aid – Proofreader and Plagiarism Checker [Review]”

Free Plagiarism Checker for Teachers Online

plagiarism checker software for teachers
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Plagiarism checking is a pain for instructors. You know the value the originality of the paper or article you are going through right now. But how you will be convinced? How you will recognize if there is any copy-paste portion of the text. Maybe the paper is 100% borrowed from any other site or another dissertation. Discussing the best free and paid plagiarism checker for teachers…

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Essential Software for Academic Writing – Research, Thesis

thesis and paper writing software
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Imagine a typical research paper which includes tons of images, citations, equations, graphs, 200 double-spaced pages and a couple of appendices. Don’t you think of the software for academic writing to make our life easier?

Whether you are writing a Ph.D. thesis or finishing your Master’s project work report, it is not (you know) an easy task to finish it quickly and flawlessly both at the same time. It’s might going to suck your brain juice before the deadline. Continue reading “Essential Software for Academic Writing – Research, Thesis”