Pro Writing Aid – Proofreader and Plagiarism Checker [Review]

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Are you in the pursuit of Nirvana “A plagiarism checker software”? Maybe you are looking for a cheaper substitute to a costly software like Turnitin.

In another columnI have spoken of the best free plagiarism checkers for educators. Let’s talk about one of the finest of them.

“Pro Writing Aid” is a plagiarism checker program and the most suitable alternative to Turnitin and Viper like tools. Viper is, however, a free plagiarism checker but some learners find it unreliable. Read More

Pro Writing Aid is cheaper than its other companions. It costs you around 1000 check for $100.

Here are the reasons to choose Pro Writing Aid, its inspection and price details.

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Best Reason to Invest in Pro Writing Aid

  • “Pro Writing Aid” provides Various writing style checks in their free editing software. It includes General, Academic, Business, Technical, Creative, Casual and Web writing style.

pro writing aid editor review

  • They provide an instant detailed report about your document. It consists of uses of your words in your paragraphs. Word suggestions and your performance over other ProWritingAid users in also included in the report.
  • A classic report starts like this

ProWritingAid plagiarism and grammarReport

  • Cheapest Plagiarism Checker on the Internet: ProWritingAid is the cheapest plagiarism and content piracy detection tools on the internet.

Features Review of Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid includes features for many writers from bloggers to academic writers.

  • Editing software works for both the UK and US style English.
  • Word Suggestions will help you to replace your words with the more suitable ones.
  • Prevents you from word overuse, grammar and deadly spelling mistakes.
  • It Comes with the 7 days money back guarantee in case you are unhappy with their service.
  • Provides various platform support.
    • Web
    • Google Docs
    • Microsoft Word
    • Desktop
  • API support available.

Writing Improvement Software

Pro Writing Aid vs Grammarly

Grammarly is another equivalent tool like ProWritingAid. It’s free at the basic level and bit costlier than ProWritingAid.

Since both the tools are excellent in their job of finding duplicate content and plagiarism, there should not be a comparison.

As far as the word suggestions and editing is concerned, the ProWritingAid beats Grammarly. Grammarly does an excellent job to proofread the document? It has a beautiful user-interface and a decent reputation in the industry.

Both the tools are doing outstanding jobs and becoming better and better with time. I suggest you try both the software by yourself and then find out which works better.

Places Where Pro Writing Aid Editor can Help You

  • Online Writing and Editing
  • Essay and Article Proofreading
  • Paper and Dissertation Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Plagiarism Checking for everything.
  • Polishing your Document


If you are a beginner to the world of online plagiarism checking tools, I suggest you take a free Grammarly membership and a ProWritingAid subscription. It will save your time and money.

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