How to Cheat Plagiarism Checker like Turnitin [Yahoo & Reddit]

how to fool plagiarism checker
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If you are reading this post; you are likely a student who want to plagiarise or a researcher working on finding loopholes in plagiarism checker algorithm. Every year there are hundreds of students get caught in plagiarism detection test by Turnitin. Unfortunately, many of them don’t even plagiarise the content intentionally. This led us to […]

Free Plagiarism Software Used by Universities – Grammarly to Plagiarism Checker X

plagiarism checker tools university use
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Wondering how the university experts find plagiarism in the submitted papers? Plagiarism is a serious offense and all the reputed organizations are trying very hard to fight against it. Students often fall into the trap of free plagiarism checkers and give access to their content to the third parties who sell their content to the […]